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Orison Series
2008 - 2009, size variable. High definition one channel animations shown on continuous loops. Presented as framed installations.

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Seeing in Shadows
Women, in a virtual confessional, tell us their secrets and their thoughts on keeping secrets
and the bond women have around them. As their stories overlap the similarities of situation
and feeling overlap and intertwine.
Single channel video and animation, 6minutes, 25 seconds.

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Are You Not Listening Or Am I Not Saying It Right?
A lone woman, prim and alone, sits and waits. There is a knock, a door opens and another woman
(her friend?) enters and they begin dancing together, a secret is whispered between them, their
dance culminates, they kiss each other goodbye on the cheek, and the woman in green leaves. The
prim woman returns to her seat to wait some more.
Single channel video, 2 minutes, 52 seconds.

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